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When the Rancher Came to Town

A Promise at Bluebell Hill

The Cowboy of Valentine Valley

A Wedding in Valentine

True Love at Silver Creek Ranch

A Town Called Valentine
Welcome to Valentine Valley!

The Town

Valentine Valley, Colorado, a historic, picturesque ranching village in the Roaring Fork Valley northwest of Aspen, has become known as the Love Boat in dry dock. People come to marry here, to propose, to renew their vows, to find or resurrect love. Everyone wants the postal stamp “Valentine Valley CO” on their wedding invitations. The villagers themselves take advantage of these superstitions, creating businesses that cater to tourists, even as longtime ranchers are uneasy with the changes.

It all began during the 1880s silver mining boom. Someone had to feed all those miners coming down from the high mountains, so the ranching community of Valentine Valley was born. When the silver boom went bust, the farms and ranches kept the valley going. Once Aspen and its famous ski resorts splashed onto the international scene, Valentine Valley became a cozy village for Aspen visitors to explore. 

Although the Valentine Valley books are a series, each book stands alone, and won't need to be read in any order. Keep reading to find out all about the wonderful townspeople.

The People:

Lyndsay De Luca (Ever After at Sweetheart Ranch)
Math teacher Lyndsay has a secret. She's just published her first romance novel--too bad she only now just realized she based her hero on cowboy Will Sweet.

Will Sweet
(Ever After at Sweetheart Ranch)
Ever since Will’s high school sweetheart died in a tragic accident, he hasn’t been able to commit to a long-term relationship. When he and Lyndsay team up to teach Valentine’s teens about ranch life, he discovers it’s not just her sexy-as-hell smile that has him hooked.

Kate Fenelli (Sleigh Bells in Valentine Valley)
Kate and Tony divorced nine years ago and together raise their thirteen-year-old son. At a frustrating impasse with her law firm, she returns to Valentine Valley at loose ends, shocked to find herself drawn to her ex.

Tony De Luca 
(Sleigh Bells in Valentine Valley)
Tony feels all is right with his world--his tavern is successful, his son is doing great--and then his ex-wife Kate crashes back into town, confiding in him, stirring up all the emotions he thought were long dead.

Amanda Cramer (When the Rancher Came to Town)
Amanda, the owner of a local B&B, came to Valentine Valley to escape a notorious past. But everything is upended at the arrival of a rodeo-star rancher. The Widows scheme to encourage her participation in the Wild West Weekend, where she'll have to display her home's history--by portraying a madam??

Mason Lopez
(When the Rancher Came to Town)
Mason comes out of retirement for one last rodeo, hoping to interest Nate Thalberg in an investment to save his family ranch. But when he stays at Connections B&B, the mysteries of the lovely owner make him forget he's there to do a job.

Monica Shaw (A Promise at Bluebell Hill)
Monica is the local flower shop owner who was once an activist. When the president's son is getting married in Valentine Valley, Monica has to put herself between the widows, who are planning a special protest, and the handsome Secret Service agent who's just doing his job.

Travis Beaumont
(A Promise at Bluebell Hill)
Travis is an ex-Marine, and now a Secret Service agent. Needless to say, he's a rule follower, and can't believe little old ladies in a small town would plan something secret while the president is in town. But can he figure Monica out while he's figuring out the plan?

Whitney Winslow 
(The Cowboy of Valentine Valley)
Whitney is a reformed Hollywood bad girl who wants to open a branch of her upscale lingerie store, Leather & Lace, in Valentine Valley. But someone doesn't want her to...

Josh Thalberg (The Cowboy of Valentine Valley)
Josh is a cowboy and a leathercraft artist--but he couldn't imagine what would happen when his publicity photo goes viral.

Heather Armstrong (A Wedding in Valentine)
Heather is Emily Murphy's best friend from San Francisco, who comes to Valentine Valley to be in Emily's wedding. But she has a secret past with the bride's brother.

Chris Sweet (
A Wedding in Valentine)
Part of the Sweetheart Inn family, Chris is a mild-mannered cowboy who never did a wild thing--until he met Heather Armstrong.

Brooke Thalberg (True Love at Silver Creek Ranch)
Working on the ranch alongside her brothers, Brooke is proving herself in a man's world. But there's something missing, and a hot affair with new ranch hand Adam can't distract her from wanting more in life.

Adam Desantis (
True Love at Silver Creek Ranch)
The town bad boy who became a talented Marine, he's back in Valentine to visit his ill Grandma Palmer at the Widows Boardinghouse, and takes a temporary job at the Silver Creek Ranch as he tries to battle memories from his past.

Emily Murphy (A Town Called Valentine)
Raised in San Francisco, housewife Emily was abandoned by her husband in the cruelest way, and her last inheritance is an abandoned store on Main St. in Valentine Valley. Determined to find a career, Emily returns to town planning to sell, but she discovers a family secret that upends everything she thought about herself.
Nate Thalberg (
A Town Called Valentine)
Nate, rancher and prominent resident of Valentine Valley, thinks he has everything under control--a great family, the thriving Silver Creek Rranch, and the knowledge that he doesn't let women get too close, because he always screws things up. And then he meets Emily in a tavern late at night, where a game of pool leads to a relationship neither of them expects.

Widows' Boardinghouse:
Grandma Thalberg and her quirky friends are founding members of the Valentine Valley Preservation Fund, and they've even chained themselves to a historic, rundown brothel to preserve "women's history" in the west. They manage to get into some kind of trouble in every book...

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