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A Town Called Valentine


Discussion Questions for

A Town Called Valentine

1. In small-town books, the setting is like another character. Discuss why Valentine Valley works for the book. Does mountain living breed a certain kind of person? Do you think small-town nosiness is intrusive or reassuring? Does the place you live make a big impact on you?

2. What makes Nate the kind of man who feels so responsible for helping people? Is there such a thing as too responsible?

3. Emily gave up her friends for her first husband. Could you see yourself getting so involved with a man you can only focus on him? How do you keep the rest of your life in perspective?

4. What is Emily’s strength? What is Nate’s strength? How do they complement each other?

5. Brooke and Monica draw Emily into their close friendship. Are women’s friendships different or special? Why are they so important to us?

6. Did you figure out the secret about who Emily’s dad was before she did? Do you think Joe Sweet and his family reacted too well? (hint: in True Love at the Silver Creek Ranch, the next book, little sister Stephanie has some problems with Emily as her new sister.) How would you react if you or your spouse discovered a child you didn’t know about?

7. Emily and Nate were raised very differently, he with a close, supportive family, and she without. Will that affect their married life? How do couples make compromises for the differences between them?

8. Emily dropped out of college for love, and ended up finding her career as a bakery-owner. Should she have gone back to college or should she take classes? Why?

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